Enhancing emotional

 intelligence through

human connections




Hello, I’m Kate Diggle, and, together with an awesome bunch of legends (who also happen to be highly qualified, talented, insightful, and engaging mental health professionals), we form Relational Consulting.

‘Relational’ refers to the way we work. Whether we are counselling or facilitating workshops, we know the intrinsic role relationships play in healing and growth. We are down-to-earth, relatable, honest and good-humoured in all the work we do. We bring our whole selves into the process. We are human, we are passionate about humans and value the energy we create when we work together. 

Relational Consulting provides a range of services that enhance emotional intelligence through genuine, authentic connections.

Supporting the growth of individuals, groups and teams is the common passion and goal that unites us.

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‘Lose your mind and come to your senses.’
~ Fritz Perls

Our Specialties

We create spaces where it is safe to show up as you are. We facilitate growth and healing alongside and in relationship with you.

Therapy & Counselling

Whether as an individual, couple, or family, we provide both long- and short-term therapy and counselling.

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Workplace Support

With a basis in neuroscience, leadership theory and corporate psychology, our workshops and workplace support services are designed to improve self awareness and wellbeing which will in turn enhance performance.

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Courses & Events

Empower yourself and enhance self-awareness through interactive or self-paced courses that teach emotional agility and resilience.

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