A group of down to earth mental health professionals who provide services for workplaces and individuals. We all work ‘relationally’, which means we bring our authentic selves into our work and are always mindful of the healing and growth that occurs in relationships with others. We offer therapy, courses, and workplace support through relational consulting services.


At the heart of it all, we’re real. We are fellow human beings. We have done, and continue to do the work ourselves.

Who we are


Facilitating connection with self and others through support that creates tolerance, compassion and acceptance.


Counsellors are trauma-informed in their approach and have industry-recognised qualifications.


Non-judgemental, expectation-free listening that creates a therapeutic relationship.

Lived experiences

Lived experiences and personal transformation further empowers the therapeutic relationship

Kate Diggle

Hello there, I’m Kate!

I have over 15 years experience supporting growth in workplaces and nearly 10 years working therapeutically with clients. My extensive professional and personal development, combined with an adaptable and engaging personality, enables me to tailor solutions for a diverse range of clients.

I love what I do.

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  • I have a big family – two boys, a little girl and a big step-son all living together. I’ve got my own step-parents, genetic ones, and siblings. I have a lived understanding of complicated family dynamics.
  • I have lived a lot in my 45+ years. Although I’ve experienced a wide range of experiences, ups, downs and roundabouts, there’s not much that phases or shocks me.
  • I have a strong, honest, loving and fairly conflictual relationship with my husband. We tend to get locked in a constant battle for supremacy which is sometimes fun, sometimes not.
  • I was a bit of a wild teenager and twenty something’er for that matter. It was a lot of fun and, similarly, a fair amount of not fun.
  • I swear… especially when talking about emotions. I’ve thought about trying to stop, but I don’t want to. I lived in Scotland for ten years, I blame that.
  • Growing up, I moved around; I know what it feels like to be an outsider.
    My attitude is very relaxed – clients often comment that this helps them feel comfortable.
  • I call a spade a spade; subtlety is not my strong point. Although, in the counselling context, I do this sensitively, generally, clients value my direct approach.
  • I’m happy to share information about myself if it is helpful for people I’m working with to hear it or is especially relevant to their situation. I do not, however, bang on about my stuff; I have my own therapist/supervisor for that.
  • Before finding this work, I’ve tried quite a few different careers (more than I admit to on my CV). But, thank god I did, I was exhausted by the search.
  • Workplaces and all the human dynamics, power plays, fun and pain that goes on fascinate me, and I love visiting to provide services.
  • I love people and embrace the diversity we all bring. Because of this, I enjoy and respect the differences in my clients and feel truly honoured that they share their humanity with me.
  • I’m really honest, and I love a lot.
  • I have a good sense of humour and share the good times and the bad with people I work with.
  • I feel this work is an absolute honour and a privilege. As a result, it keeps me grounded and in constant awe of the extreme humanness we all share.
  • I know self-development is a constant process and one that I am committed to.
  • I get overwhelmed, stressed, shout at the kids and all that jazz. But, being a therapist doesn’t stop me from being human.
  • I own my stuff and enjoy supporting others to feel safe while they do the same.

Think we are a good fit?

If you think that maybe we’re a good fit, but you’re still not entirely sure, feel free to contact me , and we can have a chat.

What about my training?

No problem. My primary psychotherapy training is in Gestalt Therapy. This training was life-changing for me. It involved four years of group therapy, individual therapy and of course, the theory and techniques central to the Gestalt approach. I am wary of therapists who have not sat in the client’s chair themselves and would encourage you to share that concern.

I trained as a Mental Health First Aid facilitator. I gained knowledge about mental health problems generally and experience in working with this subject matter with groups within workplaces during my time running these training sessions.

I follow my interests and approaches that have helped me in additional training. I have trained in Family Constellations, an experiential way of working with families and groups of people – this work can also be done individually. After working with numerous clients with extensive trauma history, I needed a ‘tool’ in my ‘tool kit’ to help support recovery and felt I was lacking in this regard. I found and studied Depth Enquiry, a powerful modality based on EMDR and the Gestalt philosophy of phenomenological awareness. I love this approach at the moment, not only for trauma but also anxiety and phobias.

On the advice of a trusted mentor, I am trained in the group action learning coaching process, which is a fantastic approach for enhancing skills development whilst building team cohesion and working on deep problem solving of a current, active problem. Further advice led me to Growth Edge coaching training which is based on the Adult Developmental model of Jennifer Gervey Berger.

As well as official training, I am passionate about professional development; stand out sessions for me included Blue Knot’s Trauma informed care, Kristen Neff’s self compassion mindfulness, Gestalt approach for working with couples and various presenter skills workshops. 

More recently during the ‘lock down’ years I completed my Masters Degree in Gestalt Therapy focussing on Couples therapy.

Here is a list of my qualifications. If you have any questions, of course, you can get in touch!

  • Masters Gestalt Therapy
  • BA (Hons) Film and Media Studies with Psychology
  • Advanced Diploma in Gestalt Therapy
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Growth Edge Coaching (currently studying)
  • ACDC Certificate in Mediation – completed course
  • Family constellations facilitator
  • Action Learning facilitator
  • Depth Enquiry training
  • ACA Registration

Our wonderful team

To provide holistic and innovative solutions to our clients, we draw on the expertise and support of our trusted colleagues, friends and in the case of Meg, family members. You can read more about my team below. Meg is based in Canberra, and Emma and Melissa are based in Sydney. All therapists can provide online sessions via Zoom.

Meg Diggle


Meg Diggle is Kate’s sister and a fully qualified social worker with over ten years’ experience working with clients in individual and group settings.  Although Meg has an aversion to the word, her ‘specialty’ is dealing with addictions and behavioural change.

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She holds the intrinsic belief that all people are experts in their own life experiences. As a counsellor, Meg’s role is to be a guide, walk alongside her clients and ask the questions that cause them to stop and think.

Meg has many years of experience working in the alcohol, drug, and mental health fields and is incredibly passionate about her work in these areas. Meg believes that no matter what, there is always hope. This belief guides her in all her work, along with evidence-based learning (Bachelor Social Work), practice wisdom (over ten years of working in AOD and MH field), and lived experience.

Meg is looking forward to meeting with you and walking alongside you (or your employees) on the journey of change.

Emma Gerasimatos


Emma is a holistic counsellor and experienced Gestalt therapist with a Masters in Psychotherapy. This enables her to support you (or your employees) in exploring the many and varied aspects of your experience; and to create greater self-awareness, acceptance and lasting change.

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Through her extensive training and experience, Emma understands that we all have the inherent wisdom inside us to know exactly what we need. However, sometimes we lose that connection to ourselves and need support to find our way again. That is where Emma comes in.

At the heart of Emma’s counselling approach is an understanding that every person’s situation and how they respond to their situation is different. She works with her clients to explore the challenges they are facing and their unique way of responding to them, to deepen awareness and facilitate growth.

Emma works with Individuals, Couples and Young People (Adolescents) across many of life’s challenges, including anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, intimacy issues, life transitions, relationships, sexuality, belonging, grief and loss, and despair.

Emma’s professional qualifications include:

  • MA Gestalt Psychotherapy
  • Adv Dip. Welfare Community Services
  • Cert. Family Constellations
  • Depth Enquiry training
  • Yoga teacher
  • Trauma informed training
  • Mindfulness trained
  • GANZ(GestaltAustralia and New Zealand) member
  • PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia) member


Mel Harries


Melissa has been practising as a psychologist for 14 years. She started her career as an Army psychology officer, including deployments to Afghanistan, East Timor, Kuwait and Dubai. From these experiences, she developed a particular interest in workplace resilience and well-being and has delivered well-being solutions to government and private organisations.

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Melissa has worked in the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) industry for the last eight years. She provides team and individual interventions to assist employees in being healthy, happy and work well. This includes workplace training in resilience, mental health and stress management, as well as counselling for anxiety, PTSD, depression and stress. She has a Masters of Organisational Psychology and is a registered White Ribbon Australia trainer.

‘Being human is not about being any one particular way; it is about being as life creates you—with your own particular strengths and weaknesses, gifts and challenges, quirks and oddities.’
~ Kristin Neff

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With a basis in neuroscience, leadership theory and corporate psychology, we provide workplace support and training to improve self-awareness and wellbeing, enhancing performance and leadership.

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Whether as an individual, couple, or family, we provide long- and short-term therapy and counselling. We also provide several courses and events to support personal development.

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