Just like individuals accessing help from a therapist; the workplace therapist is here for the brave workplace that is ready to face their difficulties and find solutions. There is no one size fits all. We work with you to understand your needs, your teams, your challenges and your history so we can provide interventions that improve productivity, performance and wellbeing.


A workplace that values its people can be a great place to be. Conversely, the opposite is true.

  • Are your staff burnt out?
  • Could your teams work more cohesively?
  • Do you need help in developing a well-being program?
  • Are you looking for specialised coaching and support for certain staff?
  • Are you looking for engaging and meaningful training programs with a difference?
  • Do your people need to enhance their emotional intelligence?
  • Are you looking for fun and meaningful additions to your planning day?
  • Do you want a more personalised, accessible, and flexible EAP program?
  • Are you keen to improve the culture of your team/organisation?
  • Do you need an outsider to help staff work through a conflict?

We can help support your workplace with a program or services tailored to your needs, budget and goals.

I thought the session was lovely and really appreciated you putting it on. Kate was great. Very personable and created a lovely sense of calm and gratitude.

Self Compassion Workshop Participant

I loved the Self Compassion Workshop, it was so nourishing.  The content was informative, and the delivery was wonderful, Kate is engaging and grounded and I felt utterly at home, I could have sat for days learning with her.

Self Compassion Workshop Participant

Kate recently facilitated a number of crucial conversation workshops for the DTA. We received very positive feedback from participants who found Kate to be a very engaging and inclusive facilitator. Kate is very knowledgeable and kept the group engaged and motivated. We highly recommend Kate and are grateful that she was able to do this work for us.

Tina Gore, Head of recruitment, Diversity and Culture, DTA

Kate provided strategies in self-care and explored why we react the way we do when things are difficult. Everyone came away from the workshops feeling positive and with a better understanding of how we, the carers, can better look after ourselves.

Dr Karen Pahlow, Breastscreen ACT

Kate came along to our annual sales conference and delivered her Managing stress, life and all that jazz workshop. It was her warmth and personality that won over the staff. She managed to deliver quite heavy content in an engaging, no nonsense and very entertaining way.

Nicole Shephard, Director, Ignite

Was lovely to meet with you today. Your positive energy flowed around our office. Listening to you normalising behaviour that we all feel, was uplifting. Looking forward to your next session with us.

F2F Recruitment Employee

Kate delivered “an incredible session to a QLD Branch and some Canberra staff. Kate had a great vibe and was very personable”.  Feedback from the group to the People Business Partners was very positive.

Wellbeing Workshop Participant

Kate Delivers our de-escalation training every year and every year I listen to staff bang on about how amazing she is. It’s annoying because she is my sister. But I must admit, she’s pretty good.

Meg Diggle, Directions ACT

Thank you so much again for your wonderful leadership in our recent Compassion Professional Development program. Your wisdom, knowledge, kind empathy and fun in delivering this session with us was a wonderful experience the way you weaved it all together, left us filled with self compassion, warmth and gratitude.  Your authentic sharing was inspiring and a gentle reminder of how important it is to have self compassion.  It was helpful too that it related and supported our roles in the trauma and crisis area, as we stand for client self compassion, but often forget to honour that in ourselves. The very fun filled game we played, really cemented for each of us, that life is full of imperfect surprises that leaves us feeling very humble. Speaking of ‘humble’, thank you for that wonderful side of you.

Lizzie, Trauma Counsellor Advocate & Crisis counsellor

I had been experiencing burnout without realising. I had actually had most of the typical reactions and was heading towards a complete mental breakdown. This course put an immediate holt on my attempts to try and resolve the issues and take a moment to be more forgiving to myself. I was able to put immediate changes in place that allow a steadier pace towards healing.

Beyond Burnout Course Participant

I went to work the next day feeling a lot more in control and generally happy despite the incoming pressures. The zip up and brush off technique was great.

Beyond Burnout Course Participant

I found this course to be a real eye opener. I was able to put immediate steps in place that have already made a difference. A big take away for me was identifying the steps that take place, and how to take early intervention. I’ll be shouting this one from the roof tops!

Beyond Burnout Course Participant

‘Kate has assisted us navigate some challenging conflict situations with staff as well as providing regular one on one coaching support and a self care workshop. All of her services are well received by the team who are working in a very high stress environment.

Niki Gill, Uniting

Unlike other workplace courses, I loved that this one focused on the individuals’ personal reflections, and self-betterment, along with ability to relate to our colleagues. The delivery of the course was wonderful in the fact that it was very interactive and comfortable to share and engage. Highly recommend for all.

Senior Director, Domestic Animal Services, ACT Government

Kate delivers monthly wellbeing sessions at face2face and has become a trusted advisor to many of us here. Whenever work is stressful we check our calendar to see when Kate will next be in as we know her sessions will be enjoyable and helpful.

Jade, CEO face2face

I appreciated Kate’s no nonsense and down to earth approach when we engaged her at ACTION buses. She was well received by the drivers and also helped in some extreme conflict situations; nothing seems to phase her.

Pamela Best, ACTION Buses

Kate delivers fun and engaging sessions for the boys at our team meetings. I hear them talking about the sessions through the week and have noticed an improvement in the culture of the team and their communication skills since we got Kate in. She’s very good at what she does.

Lee Moraschi, Moraschi Roofing

Kate has delivered a number of workshops for our members. Her light hearted and flexible approach makes her a pleasure to deal with and we always receive lovely feedback from her work

Emma Hawke, Members Engagement Officer, ACTCOSS

‘Psychological safety and courage are simply two sides of the same (immensely valuable) coin. Both are–and will continue to be–needed in a complex and uncertain world.’
~ Dr Amy Edmondson

Counselling and coaching support

An employee assistance program (EAP) is not only for big companies. Become an employer of choice by providing access to high-quality counselling support for your employees. We are ideally placed to provide bespoke EAP services.

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There are different ways we can manage employee access to counselling and coaching.

You may want to provide it on an as-needed basis or you may wish to formalise the program and allow employees to access support whenever they need it, within your parameters.

Whichever way you decide to go, we will support you. We provide direct contact with a counsellor, consistency of practitioners and exceptionally high standards in therapeutic care.

Support following a traumatic event (critical incident)

Many events can impact a workplace. How well the workplace responds and supports its people is critical to the morale of the team and recovery from the event.

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The type of incidents that we support employees after include but are not limited to:

  • Natural disasters
  • Employee sickness or death
  • A threat to the workplace
  • A workplace accident
  • Redundancies

We provide tailored support depending on the situation. This could include; Providing onsite counselling, Brief educational sessions to normalise reactions to grief/trauma, and Group support where appropriate.

Our intuitive and flexible approach allows us to provide creative support programs with a difference.

We work with a trauma-informed approach and keep you, the employer aware of any risks in your environment.

Training and wellbeing workshops

We provide bespoke, tailored workshops to suit your workplace and your people. Our approach is always practical and experiential.

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Topics we regularly deliver on are as follows:

  • Dealing with challenging behaviour
  • Compassion fatigue – prevention and cure
  • Coming back from Burnout
  • Managing Mental Health at work – awareness and support of self and others
  • Creating psychological safety – in ourselves and in our teams
  • Respectful relationships – embracing difference and imperfection
  • Being a better friend to yourself – self compassion
  • Building great teams
  • Dealing with change and uncertainty
  • Peer support programs
  • Mindfulness and wellbeing – practical one-off or ongoing groups.

Team building activities

It is well documented that psychological safety is a key ingredient in building a high-performing and cohesive team – read more about it here. We love to work with teams engaging in activities designed to help build trust and enhance relationships and communication skills within the team.

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Teams benefit from opportunities to reset and agree on values and how to move forward.

Designing an appropriate team-building activity requires a good understanding of the team so always starts with understanding your needs.

Facilitated conversations

The thing that can make workplaces great is the same thing that can make them difficult – too many humans!

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When difficult situations or conflicts occur it can be beneficial to bring in an outsider with a fresh perspective by bridging the gap between parties and facilitating deeper understandings.

We provide a tailored approach to help those involved work through the conversation that needs to happen.

If you’re wondering if a situation you are currently dealing with could benefit from a facilitated conversation, please contact us.

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We work with organisations in various ways, including but not limited to providing keynote speeches, workshops, coaching, bespoke EAP programs, team building workshops, group support programs for teams facing difficulties and in response to critical incidents and supporting leaders to create psychological safety in their teams.

Across the team, we have a wealth of experience working in and around a wide range of workplaces.

At a fundamental level, work is about survival. We need paid employment to pay our bills, rent, mortgage, feed our family, etc. But, at work, our level of competence is also on the line – ‘am I good enough, smart enough, valued enough, are questions prominent in many employees minds in a workplace setting.

Google's research into what makes a high-performance team (Project Aristotle) found that the key ingredient to the nest teams is psychological safety. Yet, many forces combine to make workplaces capable of being the opposite of this. When our survival and acceptance from others are on the line, we can easily behave in ways born out of fear. When we act out of fear, we do not create psychological safety.

All our programs are based on neuroscience and are experiential in nature, we understand that people grow and change by doing more than just by knowing. We also know that change comes from within and our programs centre in on enhancing emotional intelligence. We model humanity, honesty, integrity, compassion, accountability and the embracing of imperfection in everything we do.

We believe in providing flexible delivery options based on what will work for you. All topics can be presented in a 60-minute introductory session and up to one day for a more comprehensive learning experience. Our preference is always to provide follow on sessions to consolidate learnings and provide the support needed to achieve behaviour change. Everything we do can be delivered face-to-face or online, and we tailor our work to suit the environment we are working in.

Our Workplace Support Services are well suited to provide as-needed counselling and support following traumatic incidents in the workplace of businesses up to 100 employees. Our flexible approach and trauma-specific expertise helps us to provide reliable, consistent and appreciated support.

Our Workshops and Team Building activities experiential and engaging workshops on a variety of topics. Our approach is based on best practice adult learning and our content is evidence-based. Rather than just selling workshops off the shelf we prefer to get to know and understand your workplace and your people to ensure that our training services are tailored and relevant for your people. Our flexibility, enthusiasm and depth of experience mean we are open to pretty much anything we can dream up together that will best engage and support your people.

By establishing fear-based behaviours, we can also better understand the workplace. Some examples of these bahaviours include:

  • With-holding information
  • Creating silos
  • Insisting on being the ‘expert’
  • Excluding people
  • Big noting ourselves
  • Correcting others in public
  • Sidling up to the boss
  • Going along with the status quo
  • Keeping ideas to self Gossiping
  • Avoiding difficult conversations
  • Presenting self in best light
  • Expecting ourselves to have a ‘professional’ self and a real self
  • Keeping what’s really going on to ourselves
  • Judging others
  • Perfectionism
  • Arse covering
  • Lying

The list goes on. The key is not to judge these behaviours but to acknowledge where they come from and work towards creating cultures with less fear. Cultures of ongoing connection and feedback.

Where we are interested in each other as human beings, and know that as human beings we have good days and bad days, that we need to fail to learn, that no idea is a bad idea, that honesty and integrity is a lived value, that we assume the best in each other, and that when we need some additional support we wil  receive it. And very importantly, that we talk to each other, not about each other.

Psychological safety creates the environment needed for higher performance. Lower turnover and higher job satisfaction are flow-on effects. A healthy culture has a positive impact on not just your employees but also their families.

Workplaces provide important social connections and opportunities to grow, learn, and perform. They also have the perfect conditions for an environment to normalise and foster self-care practices.

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